The noble species of Squingers is the Lord of the Cosmos. It is an unsubstantial species, being in a conscious energy form that is frozen in the Holy Immobility. It gains its nourishment from other species’ energies through the magnificent mechanism of breeding process.   

This Encyclopedia is the noble Squingers’s accumulated knowledge about the Homo sapiens’s, commonly known as the “Cranberry”’s, habits and breeding. The Encyclopedia Cranberryca is an amusing and instructive collection about a species that used to be a free, a strong and a proud being hundreds and thousands of years ago. Today, owing to our engineering genius, it is only a highly tamed, blind and stupid species.

We have given a new meaning to the life of the Homo sapiens: this is Cranberry existence. We have infected it with civilization, we have imposed control on its dreams, we have tied its desire for freedom of movements, and it willingly subjugates itself to our control hence becoming our “nourishment” and energy source.

It senses our presence though and it needs an immense effort not to believe itself. It tries to communicate about us in all “a bargain with the devil” types of works of art, recently in the movies of Matrix, They Live, Avatar or The Puppet Masters, and with brusque preciseness in the books of J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephen King and Carlos Castaneda. The musicians of the Cranberries can show the energy flow to them. Therefore they deserve some acknowledgements, nevertheless we must admit that comparing to us, the Cranberry is not even in its infancy to realise the complexity of the cosmos. For this, the Cranberry is an easy and nice prey for the magnificent and proud species of Squingers.  

This Encyclopedia contains articles, illustrations and some highlighted passages from the Homo sapiens’s works of art. In the continuously expanding articles we try to accumulate all knowledge firstly about the breeding process, secondly about the behaviour of the species and thirdly about our ancient enemy’s, the Malicious Flameling’s annoying meddlings that often obstruct the breeding process.
Naturaly the Homo sapiens is neither the first nor the last species whom we enslave. It is the noble species of Squingers’ right and duty to take other species’ energies as we must survive the intensity of the Cosmos’s fluctuation at all cost till the doom of times.

The fact that this Encyclopedia may end up in the hands of a Cranberry is a negligible risk since it cannot be understood only by the usage of everyday attention inside the MSC-position called mind. Dreaming awereness is also needed and this is what we have had it degenerated for many of thousands of years during the breeding process.

We have locked the Cranberry into “normality”, and we have posed ourselves outside of this in order to stay hidden. We are the masters of camouflage. Mockery, exclusion and mental hospital are the punishments for those who descry us.
As the Malicious Flameling says: “The enemy has come from the outside but it must be defeated inside.” The stupid, blind Cranberry is not capable with performing this task not even with understanding it.
The Cranberry cannot even comprehend the simple fact that their emotions can be logically organized and that this strict and logical order could enable them to discover and to defeat us.
Therefore, for us, this Encyclopedia is not a source of danger whoever may put their hands on it. Let it be a guide however for all generations of the noble species of Squingers for the breeding of both the Cranberries and of other new species that have not been conquered yet.